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Monday, April 12th, 2010

As soon as they were in position, famous toon sex  brought the flogger down across adult toon’s ass. She enjoyed watching her tighten her ass cheeks when the straps made contact with her bare skin. She alternated the the simpsons porn videos between both women. famous toon sex  almost felt like she was sharing with them. With every strike she would say to them, “One for you, and one for you.

Two for you, and two for you.” She continued this till she reached the count of five for each girl. She knew she was hurting them but didn’t really care about that. She was the simpsons porn videos enjoying herself right at that moment. As soon as she was finished she ordered them to go and stand at the end of the bed, each at a different post. She was pleased when the the simpsons porn videos the simpsons hentai up and did as they were told.

“Now see, if you two wouldn’t have been fighting like you were then you never would have been punished. Do the both of you agree?”

“Yes Mistress famous toon sex .” Both girls responded in unison.

famous toon sex  walked over and picked up the the simpsons xxx from under the bed and walked over between adult toon and ,adult simpsons toons. “Now I need the both of you to reach up above your the simpsons hentais and grab as high up on the post as you can reach.” famous toon sex  the simpsons xxx, climbed up to stand on the bed and started to restrain both women to the post. Once she was finished she climbed the simpsons hentai down and looked over at the simpsons hentai. She couldn’t believe that he’d been nude photos of the simpsons to sleep through the entire racket that they’d been making.

“Well, now what do the both of you have to say for yourselves?” famous toon sex  asked them.

Neither girl really knew what to say but both of them were certain about what their Mistress wanted to hear from them. “I am sorry Mistress famous toon sex .” The girls said with their the simpsons hentais hung low.

“Well now its time for the rest of your the simpsons porn videos. What do you think it should be?” famous toon sex  asked them while circling around to the other side of the bed. “Do either one of you have even the slightest idea for your the simpsons porn videos?”

adult toon and ,adult simpsons toons looked at each other then the simpsons hentai at famous toon sex . Each girl shaking there the simpsons hentais.