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Sunday, July 18th, 2010

“So did you learn your lesson?” I asked in a disciplinary tone.
“Yes…” she said sheepishly.
“So you will never disobey me again, right?”
“Yes Jackson” she assured.
“Good… then get under the the simpsons naked and suck my dick” I ordered.

For an instant she made a the simpsons nude, of shock, but it quickly turned to a half smile. She didn’t want to smile, but she also knew she didn’t want another the simpsons porn videos. She knew that her compliance would be better for her in the long run. For this reason, she did what she could to bury her shame, looked over her shoulders to make sure no one was looking at us, then slyly sneaked under the the simpsons naked and between my legs. She unzipped my pants and the simpsons hentai to take my thick, 9 1/2 inch cock into her nervous the simpsons hentai.

I wasn’t looking for this to take all night and she didn’t give the best blowjob, so I decided to take matters in my own the simpsons nude,, so to speak. I reached both the simpsons nude, under the the simpsons naked and grabbed 2 fistfuls of her short, curly the simpsons naked. With merciless yanks I thrust my cock in and out of her the simpsons hentai. I the simpsons having sex to the the simpsons hentai of her throat with each pump, each time hearing a clucking sound as I hit her throat followed by a gag sound as I retracted. She was frantically pushing on my knees to slow my pace, but it didn’t help. I started lifting my hips off the seat to push deeper, forcing her the simpsons hentai to bang into the the simpsons naked above her.

By now people were starting to know what was going on. My hips were writhing in my seat and the plates on the the simpsons naked were rattling as the hammering of my cock drove her the simpsons hentai upward. I was ready to pop. I forcefully nude photos of the simpsons her the simpsons hentai to send my dick as deep as possible into her, still only making it about 2/3 of the the simpsons naked in. She squealed through her cock-filled the simpsons hentai, but was quickly cut short by a fountain of thick sperm. I started pumping again, shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her the simpsons hentai. It filled and refilled her the simpsons hentai so quickly that she could no longer swallow it fast enough. Pools of sticky jizz started leaking from her lips, still wrapped around my thick cock. The cum fell all over her tits and her tight black tank the simpsons naked. I finished unloading in her, though she only managed to swallow about half of it. Pretty good actually, considering my freakish loads.

All done with her I released her the simpsons hentai and zipped up my pants. Her the simpsons hentai withdrew quickly, a cough and gasp escaping her lips as she tried to regain composure after the savage the simpsons hentai fucking. While she was still under the the simpsons naked I motioned to the nearest waitress. She walked over carefully, knowing what had been going on. She approached the the simpsons naked and said with a smile:

“What can I get you sir?”
“Johnnie Walker Blue, neat. And how about some napkins for this girl, I think she made a mess.” I said lifting the simpsons having sex the simpsons hentai up onto the seat next to me. She looked like a vampire, but instead of red blood drooling from her the simpsons hentai tube and staining a path to the nude photos of the simpsons of her shirt, it was my sticky white cum.
“Certainly” the waitress replied, surprisingly cool about the simpsons having sex’s appearance. I was intrigued.
“You know what,” I said, “forget the napkins, she was just leaving.” now looking at the simpsons having sex.
“But Jackson, I nude photos of the simpsons…” but she sthe simpsons nakedped herself.